HAKA Men's Clothing

With a wide range of HAKA Men’s Clothing for New Zealander’s active lives, you’ll find everything you’re looking for to keep you looking your best.
The range that is offered today differs markedly from the original launch in 2006. Now it is targeted primarily at the younger audience 18-39 and the HAKA Men’s Clothing Range styling and graphics represent the key attributes and values of the Haka namely Culturally Rich, Challenging, Unique, Strength and Pride.

Through the use of original Maori graphics and symbols the clothing aims to empower the user with the feeling of being part of a team with a high degree of style, passion and strong New Zealand cultural identity. Primarily a tops range with most of the emphasis on tee shirts, singlets and polo shirts in Summer through to sweats, jackets and hoodies in Winter the range is forever changing with fresh new styles and colours.

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