By using graphic embellishments, tonal prints and daringly original pieces of artwork we aim to create styles and related products that accurately and proudly form a message of unity, respect and heritage.We are proud to be associated with the Haka and we hope you enjoy being part of us and feel the Haka spirit!


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Haka Brand – a fusion of sport & Maori symbolism HAKA is a brand that draws on the iconic heritage of Rugby and the Haka; two linked elements central to New Zealand’s culture. The brand is a fusion of sporting fraternity and subtle Maori symbolism. New Zealand is world famous for our prowess on the rugby field, and the Haka is a significant part of the legend. Wherever a Kiwi walks in the world, tales of the Haka are sure to be heard.

HAKA aims to be an iconic New Zealand lifestyle sports apparel brand, sold throughout the world alongside other leading apparel brands. The Haka is internationally acclaimed as a significant aspect of the New Zealand cultural identity and this identity is hungrily sought after worldwide. The HAKA team have gone to great lengths to understand the heritage and meaning of the Haka and to be culturally sensitive in its commercialisation.